You have the best explanations for the brush settings (in Painter) that I’ve ever heard, and they help make sense of how to use the brushes.

Heather is a master instructor. When I wanted to learn Painter, she made it so easy. With very few workshops near me and the expense of traveling just too much to take on, learning Painter with Heather over the internet was the ticket! Amazing that I can watch her paint from 3000 miles away, then we can turn the tables and she can help me brush stroke by brush stroke to master the techniques I so desperately wanted to learn! One-on-one learning is how I get the most out of my education and Heather was there for me all the way. Using the internet, Webex screen sharing and Heather’s wonderful ability to communicate artistic techniques from afar were truly the best way for me to learn Painter. Not only did I save money by not traveling to expensive workshops, I got to learn on my schedule, I had Heather all to myself in one-on-one instruction that was custom tailored to my learning ability and my information needs. It launched my use of Painter into the stratosphere and now I’m creating art I never dreamed I could imagine!
Thank you, Heather!

“Whether you are a novice or an advanced digital painter, Heather’s hand painted organic backgrounds can be used to add that special touch of brush strokes and texture to your painted image. They are extremely versatile and can be used either in Photoshop or Corel Painter. Heather’s backgrounds give me one more tool in my creative toolbox.”

“As a ‘real media’ artist and educator with over 25 years of experience in the traditional art world, I can say that Heather has the skill and patience of a highly trained teacher, skillfully guiding students through Painter. She organizes very well and sequences her classes in easy to understand steps and generously shares her knowledge. Before taking Heather’s workshop, I was not sure of how to progress from photograph to a painting. Heather’s direct instruction, magically makes it seem easy; making the process logical and clear. With her help, I can confidently apply my creative vision.”

“I began working with Corel Painter in 2009 and started slowly with a distance learning class online. It was a decent introduction to the program and I came away with a cursory understanding of how Corel Painter worked, but it was not until I took a class with Heather that I truly began to excel as an artist. I learned important techniques for achieving beautiful smooth skin and hair, how to make eyes sparkle with life, put texture and movement into clothing and how to enhance backgrounds with color and light. Prior to studying with Heather I knew how to ‘use’ Corel Painter, after working with Heather I knew how to Paint with Corel Painter. I’ve taken several of Heather’s classes and bought many of her DVDs all have been a valuable resource that have helped me grow as an artist. I am currently earning merits toward my Master Artist Degree with Professional Photographers of America and am building a business painting for professional photographers, both of which would not have been possible without Heather’s talent and expertise as and artist and teacher.”

“Heather is a wonderful teacher for the aspiring as well as accomplished digital artist and painter. Always pushing the envelope for the capabilities of this new, dynamic medium, she is both a pioneer and inspiration to all of us who wish to express ourselves through digital media. Her teaching methods are easy to follow, and a joy to learn. I personally have learned a tremendous amount from Heather through attending a workshop in person, participating in several webinars, and studying her many tutorials on DVD. It has made a huge difference in the quality and beauty of my art, and has given me the tools to become an internationally recognized, award-winning artist. Heather is very generous with her time and knowledge. The industry has much to be grateful for in all she has and continues to contribute.”

I appreciate your ability to convey the complex workings of Painter 12.  I do not offer this compliment lightly since I have also watched and heard others who do not posses your talent for teaching.

I so much enjoyed Heather’s confident and thorough, yet no-nonsense approach to teaching. I have adopted her work flow and have never looked back. I have taken many painting classes and DVD’s but with the chapter on brushology, it was like a light finally being turned on! And the brushes supplied with the DVD are ones that I use all the time now, a real bonus.

I just had to thank you for the incredible brushes and thorough training

I have received from your dvds!….You are not only an amazing artist, but an interesting and excellent teacher! I have been spending my evenings with you… having fun,learning lots….I love, love LOVE everything I purchased from you!

Heather’s Painted backgrounds are AMAZING! The possibilities are endless. I can use them just as they are or mix them together using different blending modes. These backgrounds have dramatically sped up my work flow, allowing me to fulfill client orders faster. They also give my digital paintings a true look of natural medium, that’s something I’ve never quite been able to completely replicate digitally.