2017 Moody 30 Digital Hand Painted Backgrounds


2017 Moody 30 Digital Hand Painted Backgrounds

$ 125.00 $ 99.00

32 high resolution digitally hand painted backgrounds (jpeg) perfect for adding elegant texture to your edits or digital paintings! New for 2017! Compatible with any software that layers jpegs.


Heather’s Hand Painted Moody 30 Collection (plus 2 BONUS Backgrounds!)

Released Feb, 2017

These elegant, moody, hand painted, textural backgrounds are perfect for a green screen drop-in or a light layer overlay! Hand painted by an award winning artist and mural designer, they’re the perfect touch of sophistication to polish your portrait or digital painting. Moody backgrounds easily add a tasteful refinement to your marketing and branding with a simple layer mode adjustment in software such as Adobe Photoshop! Includes varying degrees of texture and different light patterns.

Includes : 32 high resolution digitally hand painted JPEGS with a minimal side sized at 3000 pixels

For ideas on how to incorporate these into your workflow please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej4pVVp0cg8   and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlzTIUKn35Y

All material © Heather Michelle Chinn Heather@HeatherThePainter.com



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