Customized Online Webex Training Session

Customized Online Webex Training Session

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$ 150.00

75 minute LIVE, customized webex session for Corel Painter X3, 2016, 2015, or new 2017!


75 minute LIVE, Customized Online Webinar Training Session

When you’re unable to study with PPA Master Craftsman, Master Photographer, Master Artist, Corel Painter Master Elite, Corel Training Partner, and Golden Approved Artist Educator Heather Michelle in person, these customized webex sessions are the next best thing to fast tracking your Painter journey!  During these live, recorded sessions you will be able to watch Heather’s screen live as she walks you through a workflow for your studio or you can switch to your screen if any troubleshooting is needed.  Webexes are also ideal for setting up your workspace for the first time or importing brushes. If you supply portraits for your session for Heather to use in the demo, you will receive any version of those images, AND brushes that are used during the session.  Once the webex is finished you will receive a downloadable recording to watch at your leisure.  All you need is high speed internet, and a phone line.  When you can’t travel to a workshop customized webexes are the fastest way to learn Corel Painter!

Webinars include:

A downloadable video recording of the live session

Heather’s favorite brushes in the Webex Brush Pack (versions X3-2017 available)

Any version of the painting demo’d providing you supply the image

Any additional brushes created during the webinar

Ability to have Heather look at your screen in real time to troubleshoot or “watch over your shoulder” while painting

Helpful PDF and screenshot quick references

Access to Heather’s private Facebook Group reserved for students only

Ideal for getting started in Painter, trouble shooting, brush set up from older versions of Painter, customizing your workflow, and learning Heather’s painted styles.

Other interpretation styles welcome.

“Heather is a master instructor. When I wanted to learn Painter, she made it so easy. With very
few workshops near me and the expense of traveling just too much to take on, learning Painter
with Heather over the internet was the ticket! Amazing that I can watch her paint from 3000
miles away, then we can turn the tables and she can help me brush stroke by brush stroke to
master the techniques I so desperately wanted to learn! One-on-one learning is how I get the
most out of my education and Heather was there for me all the way. Using the internet, Webex
screen sharing and Heather’s wonderful ability to communicate artistic techniques from afar were
truly the best way for me to learn Painter. Not only did I save money by not traveling to
expensive workshops, I got to learn on my schedule, I had Heather all to myself in one-on-one
instruction that was custom tailored to my learning ability and my information needs. It launched
my use of Painter into the stratosphere and now I’m creating art I never dreamed I could imagine!
Thank you Heather!

 – Julia Kell

eher, M. Photog., Cr., CPP


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 Limited webex sessions available.  Email to schedule your webex. High speed internet, voip headset (or phone) required.

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